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Why you need this Personal Statement App ?

You don't have enough information online  on a hard subject like writing your Personal Statement. You are forced to spend hours gathering information on how to write a Personal Statement by following the guidelines for the Personal Statement structure. To make things more difficult, you have a deadline to submit your Personal Statement.

There is good news as we have created “Application Personal Statement”: an app to guide you step by step in the process of writing your Personal Statement. By using this simple app, you have less work to do since you don’t have to research on how to write a Personal Statement; you have all the guidelines on your smartphone. This app provides samples and practice Personal Statements using which you can generate your own Personal Statement thus saving your time and effort.

You don’t have to read on various websites on how to write your Personal Statement. You get the rules; additionally, you get the best techniques to write your Personal Statement along with some examples.

Personal Statement App for iOS and Android

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User reviews about the Personal Statement App

from iOS App Store :

" I've done a lot of research to learn how to write my personal statement and must admit that this app was most useful. The interface is very simple but easy to navigate. Contains A LOT of helpful materials." - angelina, USA

"I can recommend this app to anyone who is writing his personal statement. The app was helpful for me. However its design is a bit poor and not straight forward"- guy_ritchie, UK

"I used it while preparing for the university and it seemed to me really useful. I advise you to try it." - Nju7ja, Australia

User reviews about the Personal Statement App from Google Play Store :

" Found this very helpful for writing !!" - prakash, India

Personal Statement App Description :

Write a winning personal statement for your university or college application.

Personal statements for your college or university applications are now made easy for you with this app which is intuitive, useful and easy to use. If you are thinking what is a Personal Statement or what should be a Personal Statement format and want to generate your own Personal Statement quickly with minimum effort, please download this app to save your time and effort.

We have done a lot of research and put in many hours to build this app for you. This app should answer all your queries like what is a personal statement? How to write a Personal Statement? What are the common Personal Statement Prompts? How to start a Personal Statement? What is a typical Personal Statement format? How to avoid common Personal Statement mistakes? How to conclude a Personal Statement? And more.

This app will make it easy for you to understand what university admission officers are looking for in a good personal statement. This app will help you answer the admission tutor's fundamental questions:

1. How will this degree help you once you have graduated?
2. Why do you want to study this course?
3. Why should you be given place for this course compared to other candidates?
4. What are your background and work experience related to the selected course?


• What is a Personal Statement?

• Personal Statement Format

• Common Tips from Universities

• Most Common Mistakes

• Personal Statement Examples.

Personal Statement examples in the app show how an impressive personal statement should be.This app will empower you by giving you the tools to express your point of view comprehensively.
This app includes the following personal statements:

- College Personal Statements
- Graduate School Personal Statements
- Law School Personal Statements
- Medical School Personal Statements
- Prompts with sample answers

• Personal Statement Worksheets:

This section contains the common prompts used in College, Graduate School, Law School or Medical School applications. You can practice your personal statement, save or email as per your convenience.

• Generate your own Personal Statement:

This section of the app will help you with the generation of your personal statement and you can enter your own prompt and practice. You can fill the section below the prompt and then save or email your personal statement as per your convenience.

We hope above features will benefit you; please download this app to save your time and effort on difficult Personal Statement writing task.

We wish you good luck and much success in writing your Personal Statement.

For our privacy policy, please visit http://www.webmolite.com/privacy.html. Please note that guidelines provided in this app are to help you write Personal Statements better and faster. However, this does not replace any instruction or rules provided to you by the University. Please use this app to write efficiently; however your Personal Statement needs to follow University guidelines and should be based on your experiences and interests.

If you like our App, please do rate us. For tech support, please email us at webmolite@gmail.com